Drink of the Month (February): Gimlet

We’re talking book launches on the show this month. Not how to launch a book, but how to survive your book launch. Survive your book launch, you ask? Isn’t it the happiest day ever? Your words in the world! People buying them! Everyone congratulating you!

And yes, it is all those wonderful things, truly it is.

But there’s also a lot of vulnerability in putting a thing out there and saying “Hey, stranger– I made this, you should spend your time and money on it,” or “Hello, I love this, but you might hate it and if so, you’ll probably tell me.” Also, while I’m being really honest, it doesn’t always (ever?) turn out quite like the dream in your head from a sales perspective. You might not hit all the lists.

So how do you manage all that and still celebrate your HUGE accomplishment? One big thing we’ll chat about is making sure you do something, even just a little something, special on launch day. It does’t have to be big, or flashy– just something you wouldn’t ordinarily do, that feels like a little party.

Which is where this month’s drink comes in. The Gimlet is a bit more work that pouring yourself a bourbon on the rocks, and it’s best served in a pretty glass, but it’s easy enough to make from things you probably have around. Perfect for a little celebration anytime. Here’s a nice, simple recipe (note the pretty glass– very important!).

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