Show Notes: Publishing Journeys / Julia Kelly (September 2016)

In our June episode we introduced the idea of interviewing authors about their journeys to publication. What better way to kick off this series than with our own Julia Kelly, whose book The Governess was Wicked comes out this month (next week, in fact, on September 12). This first book will be quickly followed by the other two books in the series, The Governess was Wanton in October, and the Governess was Wild in November.

Julia talks about getting “the call” from her agent about an editor wanting to buy her books, what it is like to turn around a three book series on a tight deadline, and how she thinks her decision to indie publish while waiting for a traditional deal has helped prepare her for the launch of the Governess Series. She also shares exciting news about her next project. Watch the video below or listen to the podcast on Soundcloud or iTunes.

And while you’re watching/listening– we suggest you enjoy our Drink of the Month: Irish Coffee. Inspired by a scene in Alexis’ latest book 5 Dirty Sins.

Want to follow along with Julia’s exciting book launch? Here are all the ways:

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Show Notes: Our Paths to Publishing (June 2016)

It’s First Draught story time! As we’ve mentioned before, the three of us met at the Romance Writers of America (RWA) conference in July, several years ago. It was pivotal time for all of us– so we tend to get really reflective in the summer. Therefore, it seemed like a perfect time to share our journeys to publication. And guess what? None of them are the same. At all.

This is a great follow-up to last month’s show about finding your own truth amidst all the “best practices” and “must do’s”. It’s also a theme we plan to come back to in the future, inviting other authors to share their own unique paths to publication with you. Check out the podcast on Soundcloud or iTunes or watch the video below:

During the show we talked about this giant book of agents and Alexis and Mary Chris sipped on wine (details over on the Drink of the Month Page), while Julia opted for New York City tap water on account of some pre-show margaritas).

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